ABC PRODUCTS Crane120-10.5

Crane120-10.5, mede by ABC PRODUCTS Germany, is a very light, yet solid and stable crane. 

This model is used for broadcasting FIFA World Cup Soccer games. 

You can choose the arm length from 6m to 10.5m in 4 levels.

This crane works with the remote head ALEX by ABC PRODUCTS. 

It sits on either Bullstand Tripod, or Dolly CD5 by Movie Tech.



        max. weight  arm length    Lens height

                (inc. remote head)                        (Pivot height 1.6m)

10.5m   20kg   10.98m    9.20m   
 9.0m   25kg      9.48m    8.00
 7.5m   30kg    7.33m    6.0m   
 6.0m   30kg    5.83m    5.00


Speedy crane 9 is a light weight, easy to handle middle size crane.

You can choose 4 levels of arm length.

It takes only 20 minutes to set up, and it only weighs 18.6 kgs.

You can enjoy wider range of camera motions by putting a remote head with it.



This remote head features digital motors for smooth, fast, and stable camera motions.

Both panning and tilting speeds are variable. All the important features of the camera such as REC, zoom, focus, and iris controls are set on the consoles.

It takes only 3 seconds to complete 360° rotation.

It runs on 24V batteries for any kinds of shooting locations.

  • Weight: 6kg     Max camera weight: 15kg
  • pan/tilt angle: 360°
  • max pan speed: 3 sec/360°
  • max tilt speed: 3 sec/ 360°
  • Power: AC100V~240V / DC24V


Console feature: 

  • Power on/off 
  • REC start/stop
  • Voltage meter
  • pan/tilt joy stick
  • focs ring
  • zoom (variable speed) - Canon/Fujinon HD lenses compatible (Please prepare lenses with zoom servo)